What we do

Parzifal seeks to help its customers to grow their business in the world of precious metals and gemstones. Thanks to professionalism, a reliable network and personal expertise, you can rely on us as a partner. Whether you are

  • looking for new sources of gem quality rough gemstones (especially emeralds), diamonds or gold
  • you are a jeweller / gemstone or diamond trader and seek out the highest quality gems
  • a producer of gold (bullion or dore), diamonds or gemstones and look for reliable buyers
  • A buyer for gold, gemstones or other metals like copper and seek quality suppliers

We will find the solution for you.

Get rough diamonds, emeralds and other gems – directly from the source

For our customers we go to or near the mines in the producer countries to acquire what you want. Whether it’s a one time buy or you seek regular supplies, we buy

Beautiful rough spinel from Afghanistan – one of our main sources

Gem quality diamonds from various sources

Gem quality emeralds from Pandjir, Afghanistan and Muzo, Colombia

In addition, we have networks in Nigeria and Ethiopia that we can access if you look for specific gemstones from these proveniences

Cut diamonds and other cut coloured gems – for jewellers, collectors or investors

We cater for jewellers, collectors and investors and can supply all groups with top quality gems. We will try to find individual pieces for you, or supply you regularly with gems that meet pre-discussed specifications.

Because of our expertise in the global mining industry and in the field of gemology, but also thanks to our global network we can find the appropriate sources and right partners in this demanding field. With Parzifal on your side you can grow your jewellry business, or, if you are an investor, significantly enhance the value of your portfolio.

We also can provide you with exceptional investment diamonds, like this 61,8 cts diamond

Trade facilitation for diamonds, coloured gems and gold

Looking for the right buyers for your gold, diamonds or emeralds can be time-consuming and daunting. The same is true if you are in need of any of the specialized goods. Especially the markets for diamonds, but even more so for coloured gemstones are highly fragmented, making the matching of appropriate buyers and sellers complex. Having worked for years in multilateral organizations, Parzifal’s founder Andre Ufer is well versed in networking and deal making. When we commit to a deal, we are no joker-brokers, but will professionally work with you to close a valuable trade. 

Successfull trade facilitation: highly relevant in our markets, but often results in wasted time, and sometimes even in wasted money. At Parzifal we take a highly professional attitude vis-a-vis both the buyer and seller side, and finding ways from which both parties can profit.