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With Parzifal Gems and Precious Metals Trading you have a professional partner on your side in the world of diamonds, gemstones or metals. Markets that are as valuable as they are distinct. It requires knowledge, networks and the willingness to understand the ‘other side’ of the trade in order to make good purchases or good sales.

Work with us whether you want to source for new inputs, or if you want to sell your precious goods. We both do some direct selling of diamonds and gemstones, as well as creating the right matches between buyers and sellers in fragmented and dynamic markets

A collection of Afghan rubies. Having worked in Afghanistan over a consecutive time, Parzifal’s team has direct access to the local gemstone miners

I founded Parzifal after more than 13 years of work with the global mining and metal industry to help my clients to advance their gemstone or precious metals business. Having worked as an expert in the field for global organizations like the World Bank, the EU and as advisor for various governments, I now put my knowledge and network to the benefit of my business partners.

Andre Ufer, Founder and Director or Parzifal Gems and Precious Metals Trading
Andre Ufer has worked in more than 15 resource-rich developing countries across the globe and gained profound knowledge about the markets for diamonds, coloured gemstones and precious metals

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Best of success in one of the most exiting markets og the globe! Your Parzifal Team